Frequently Asked Questions

So glad you asked!

  1. We’re a Bar and Bottle Shop: Unlike some other crafting spots, you won’t have to bring your own wine or beer with you to sip on because it’s already right here! We’re excited to offer a variety of delicious craft beers and wines that you can order from the bar when you get your craft kit.

  2. Budget Friendly: We want to make crafting a bit more affordable for the average person, so our standard craft kit options start at just $25 and go up from there. We also offer free adult coloring books to anyone that just wants to hang out and have a drink.

  3. Classes Not Necessary: Instead of classes, we sell craft kits that can be purchased at the bar. Each kit has a set of instructions included with it. You can pick out your crafting project, pick out your design if the project comes with one (or freehand whatever you want) and then take it to a table for completing on your own time. Don’t worry about if you run into problems- we have an awesome staff that can help you out of any rut.

  4. Variety of Crafting Options: We’re not a sign-making place, or a painting place; instead, we keep things broad, because we really love offering a wide variety of crafts and fun seasonal activities (think pumpkin carving in October, wreath-making in December, blanket making in January, etc).

We have a retail section full of craft kits produced by independent makers that can be worked on at home. Some require basic supplies to complete (scissors, glue, or paint/stain) so be sure to look at what’s included on the box, or ask one of our team members for assistance. Most of the kits that we produce ourselves, though, are meant to be worked on at the bar so that we can share materials and avoid single-use products. This keeps the cost of our crafts low, and limits waste.

Definitely not. We can’t guarantee that we won’t try to convert you to the crafting occult at some point, but you’re safe if you want to come in and just color on one of our free coloring books available, or just have a beer and chat with our awesome staff.

You most certainly can! If you have a self-contained craft, like knitting, it’s no charge. If you need to use our materials (paints, wood burning pens, etc), we charge a $15 minimum materials fee, which can grow if you bring in larger projects. If you choose to bring in your own craft, please purchase drinks and snacks from the bar to support our business, otherwise we reserve the right to ask you to leave to make room for paying customers.

You can! You will need to pay a $15 minimum materials fee to do so, though. Most things (bringing in a birdhouse, a small canvas, an unfinished spoon to wood burn, etc) fall in the $15 Materials Fee range. If you bring in a large craft that requires a ton of paint or other materials, though, that fee will increase, so it’s best to call in ahead or write to us using the webform if you would like to inquire about what the materials fee would be for a large, specific craft.

Kids are welcome at the bar, but we remain an adult-first space. As such, all children under the age of 18 require a parent be present at all times. Please note that we do have scissors, wire cutters, paints/stains, and more at our craft carts, which are all within reach of small children. Crafts & Drafts can not be held responsible for accidents that happen due to parental negligence.

We do not host children’s birthday parties at this time. While we are child and family friendly, we remain an adult-first space, and our experience is that children’s birthday parties require more oversight from our staff than we are able to provide.

We offer single-serve, pre-packaged snacks such as bags of chips, cheese and cracker packs, bags of popcorn, etc. Variety is subject to availability.

For more substantial meals, our patrons are welcome to order food to the bar or bring something in for their group.

Absolutely! Given our limited selection of on-site options, we understand that our customers will want to order food to the bar or order delivery, and we are fine with that.

Outside beverages are not permitted, as we have a full beer/wine bar on site, along with a wide array of non alcoholic beverages.

We welcome and appreciate the patronage of clubs/community groups but please note that we cannot always guarantee space depending on the date/time requested. We also ask that use of our tables meet a 2 drink per person minimum as a courtesy. Groups using our tables without purchasing an adequate number of beverages/snacks will be asked to leave.

At this time, we are not having outside makers teach at Crafts & Drafts. Unfortunately, we found that having outside makers come teach was causing confusion among our customers about how much involvement Crafts & Drafts had. We may launch this initiative again in the future, with new rules/agreements in place to make sure it’s beneficial for all parties, but that is not currently a business priority for us.

If you have a group of 8 or more people, you are welcome to reserve a table. Please see our Parties section to reserve space, and check out our party options! If you are not willing to commit to a minimum, or your group is under 8 people, then seating will be on a first come, first serve basis.

Yes, but we will need to discuss custom pricing based on how many bartenders will be needed, if the party is crafting vs not crafting, if the event is happening outside normal business hours or during, etc. Please email to inquire or check out our Parties section of the website.

Yes, but we do charge an Early Opening/Late Stay Fee, which can vary based on how early or late we’re being asked to be open. Email for more information.

Yes! You can purchase physical gift cards from the store during our hours of operation, or online e-gift cards through the link in the upper right corner of the website.

Dogs are allowed on our outdoor patio, at the bar, and in the bottle shop area, but we request that dogs not be at the main tables indoor. We have people using wood burning pens, chemical etching creams, sharp objects, etc. and we don’t want to risk the safety of any animals.

  • Monday: Closed

  • Tuesday: Closed

  • Wednesday: 4-10pm

  • Thursday: 4pm-10pm

  • Friday: 4pm-10pm

  • Saturday: 12pm-10pm

  • Sunday: 1pm-8pm

Note: We will also be closed on major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day). We also reserve the right to close for other reasons such as inclement weather, as deemed necessary.

October 5th, 2019