Garden Gnome

There is nothing cuter or more fun to adorn your garden with than a hand painted gnome. Come see for yourself and make one of these adorable gnomes your own! Hurry in, as these are only available for the Spring!


Small - $35

Large - $40

Time to Complete

1-2 hours

Additional Info
  • Seasonal
  •  Freehand craft
  • Design options may vary
  •  Not available to go
Materials in Kit

  • Garden Gnome
  • High Gloss Finish

Other Materials

  • Paints (tall squeeze bottles at the craft cart)
  • Paint brushes & pallets
  • Water cups for rinsing brushes

Step 1 Paint your gnome whatever colors you like! Allow to dry completely.
Step 2 Add a layer of high gloss over the entire gnome and allow to dry. You're all done!