Faux Leather Earring Kit

This kit, made by a local, independent maker, allows customers to make up to four sets of leather and cork earrings! Come make a set of gorgeous and stylish earrings today!

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Additional Info
  • Year Round Craft
  • Both Templated or Freehand - Designs Included
  • Leather Style Can Vary
  • Available To Go? true
Materials in Kit

  • 2 Complementary Styles of Faux Leather
  • Earring Hooks
  • Push Pin
  • Paper Design Shapes

Other Materials

  • Scissors (found at craft cart)
  • Pliers (found at craft cart)

  1. Open your kit and pull out all materials. Verify everything is included that's required. If not, please inform a staff member.
  2. Cut out the included paper shapes that you would like your earrings to be in.
  3. Using a pen or pencil to score or mark the BACK of the faux leather, place your paper shape against a piece of faux leather, and trace the shape.
  4. Repeat until you have the leather shapes you would like to put together.
  5. Place the two corresponding leather shapes together that you would like. Using the push pin, poke a hole in the VERY top of what will be the earring.
  6. Using pliers or your fingernail, pry open the small metal loop/clasp at the base of the earring hook and thread it through the hole in the two pieces of faux leather.
  7. Close the metal loop/clasp at the base of the earring, and repeat on other earring shapes until you're done!