Ceramic Bank

Want to hit the ground running on your new resolutions?? Why not get the cutest helpers around to meet that new years resolution of saving money! With several options, you can choose one that best fits YOU and customize it further with your painted designs. several options,



Time to Complete

1-2 hours

Additional Info
  • Seasonal
  •  Freehand craft
  • Design options may vary
  •  Not available to go
Materials in Kit

  • Ceramic Bank
  • High gloss finish

Other Materials

  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paint pallet
  • Water cups for rinsing brushes

Step 1 Paint your ceramic bank using the paints in the tall squeeze bottles in the carts at each table. Make sure to rinse your paintbrush in water when not in use, to avoid drying out.
Step 2 Once your design is completed, allow the paint to dry completely.
Step 3 Add a layer of high gloss to the finished product, to give it that fresh fired-in-a-kiln look! Allow to dry, and you're done!