Card Making Kit

Perfect for the upcoming celebrations of your loved ones! Each card kit includes all the materials you need to make 3 adorable cards.

Generally, the kit includes materials to make 1 Congratulatory card, 1 Happy Birthday card, and 1 Thank You card. Please note that designs can change based on availability and seasonality.

Flavor ImageFlavor ImageFlavor Image


Time to Complete

1 hour

Additional Info
  •  Templated craft
  • Design options may vary
  •  Available to go
Materials in Kit

  • Card Bases (3)
  • Envelopes (3)
  • Various cutouts and backings for each card (varies)
  • Glue dots

Step 1 Verify all materials are in the kit.
Step 2 Put the cards together, one by one, following the instructions included and the glue dots provided.