Canvas Painting

Canvas painting is a classic in the craft shop world, but ours has a little twist of being more for freestyling than for a templated design. Need ideas? We have an ever-growing pinterest board with options in case you’re having trouble deciding on what to paint (

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Time to Complete

1 - 2 hours

Additional Info
  •  Freehand craft
  •  Not available to go
Materials in Kit

  • Canvas
  • Easel for Painting On (optional)

Other Materials

  • Paint (at the craft cart)
  • Paintbrushes (at the craft cart)
  • Paint Pallet (at the craft cart)
  • Water Cup for Rinsing Brushes (at the craft cart)

Step 1 Decide what you want to paint! Need ideas? We recommend searching 'Easy Canvas Painting' on Google, or check out our Pinterest board for some inspiration! Image Step Image
Step 2 Use the paint in the squeeze bottles to paint your masterpiece. If any of them are not coming out easily, please let a staff member know, and refrain from squeezing the bottles too hard. Doing so will cause the cap to pop off and paint to spill everywhere. Brushes, pallets, and water cups for rinsing brushes are also at the gray craft carts for your use. Step Image Step Image
Step 3 Paint away until you're happy with it, and allow to dry before picking up to take home. You're done!Step Image Step Image