Wood Burning

Wood burning is a fun and therapeutic craft that has just a hint of danger, making it an adult favorite at Crafts & Drafts. Pick one of our stencils to trace, or try your hand at free-styling using the pyrography pen tips provided. Sit back, trace your lines, and bask in the scent of burning wood that makes you feel like you’re roasting marshmallows on a perfect fall evening. Ahhh…

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Time to Complete

1.5 - 3 hours

Additional Info
  • Year Round Craft
  • Waiver? true
  • Both Templated or Freehand - Stencils Available
  • Design options may vary
Materials in Kit

  • Wood board
  • Pyrography Pen with metal stand for rest mode
  • Black placemat for workstation
  • Safety gloves and goggles
  • D-Rings and wire for hanging

Other Materials

  • Plastic Stencils (found at Wood Burning Station)
  • Painters tape (found at the craft cart)
  • Screwdriver (at craft cart)
  • Pencil (found at craft cart)
  • Color Pencils (optional, found at craft cart)
  • Wire cutters and pliers for bending wire (found at the craft cart)

  1. Set up your station with the black placemat down on the table, metal pen stand on the placemat, and the pyrography pen sitting on it. Step Image
  2. Take your plastic stencil and place it where you’d like it to show up on the board. Secure with painters tape, if you like. Trace the parts of the stencil you want to burn with a pencil. Once completed, remove the stencil and place it on the opposite side of the pyrography pen, so that it’s in no danger of melting.Step Image
  3. Verify the pyrography pen is equipped with the tip you want to start with (generally a writing tip for tracing), and plug it in so that the cord isn’t in the way of you or a neighbor. Kicking this cord could cause the pen to drop off the table or hit someone, so use caution. The pen will be hot within minutes. Protective gloves are available upon request. If you choose not to use gloves, you do so at your own risk. Pick up the pen and test the heat/pressure on a scrap piece of wood (ask the staff for one if it was not in your kit).Step Image
  4. Begin tracing the lines on your board, SLOWLY, and with a light touch. The trick to good wood burning is to go slowly and not press too hard, otherwise the grain of the wood will carry your hand and make your lines jagged. If you need to change tips to get different effects, unplug the pen, allow it to cool down fully, change the pen tip, and then plug in again. Trace and fill in your lines with the pyrography pen until you’ve achieved the desired result. Add color using color pencils, if you like.Step Image
  5. Use the screwdriver to screw in two D-rings to the back of your work, cut a piece of hanging wire with the wire cutters and twist with pliers between the two rings. You’re done!Step Image