Mini Terrariums

Is there anything more adorable than tiny miniatures placed into a scene around ‘giant’ plants? We think not. One of our top selling craft options, these terrariums will make your heart melt. Put them together in 30 minutes, or tinker for hours with your tiny garden-scape.

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Additional Info
  • Year Round
  • Waiver? No Waiver Required
  • Freehand
  • NA
Materials in Kit

  • Mini Terrarium container

Other Materials

  • Drainage rocks for terrarium base (found at the Terrarium Station, under the plants)
  • Planting soil (found at the Terrarium Station, next to drainage rocks)
  • Succulent (found at the Terrarium Station) You can choose ONE succulent.
  • Moss, Miniatures, Sand, Pebbles (all optional based on preference) (found at the Terrarium Station)

  1. Put one scoop of drainage rocks into the terrarium. You’ll want to have about an inch of rocks for drainage. Step Image
  2. Place your succulent in the terrarium where you’d like it, and use scoop soil from the soil bucket to fill in around it. Step Image
  3. Everything else is entirely up to you! Add miniatures, moss, sand, pebbles- whatever makes you happy. :)Step Image