April Updates

Apr 27, 2019

Welp, figured I’d get an April update out there before April is officially over (seriously, how are we already at the end of April???)

It’s no surprise to hear that construction is still ongoing. We got the framing completed, plumbing stages 2 out of 3 are complete, and then we were supposed to move into electric and HVAC work seamlessly when we suddenly ran into some issues. First, our electrician got hurt on another job, so we had to pull someone else in last minute. We’re wishing him a speedy recovery. In the same week, our HVAC guy backed out due to a miscommunication on how much work there was to be done at the bar. We’ve had a harder time replacing him, since the quotes we’ve been getting have been outrageous, but we’re hoping we’ll have someone up for the job soon.

Yeah…it’s been some bad luck, not gonna lie. It’s becoming almost foolishly optimistic to hope that we can be open at the end of May/beginning of June, so we’ve pushed our anticipated opening date back to late June/early July. We know; it’s a bummer. At times like these, though, all we can do is push forward and get open as fast as possible. To save some time and money, we’re also working on the cement floors now. We had to rent a grinder to grind down years of tile mastic, paint, and other fun mystery materials that were stuck to it. We patched the areas that needed it, and now we’re going through and cleaning, priming, and then painting one section at a time. It’s been a fun balancing act, working around the subcontractors coming in and trying to find several days when no one will be in the bar so that the primer and paint don’t get messed up by anyone haphazardly stepping on it.

We’re determined to get this place open, come hell or high water. Gotta just keep moving and shaking. Send us all the good vibes and enjoy the pictures of our progress below! :D

Post grinding the floor.  All that dark stuff is the old tile glue.

Picture one of the framing.  Finally getting some walls!

Framing with the bar framing completed.  It's coming together!