January Updates!

Jan 14, 2019

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years break with their families and friends. We certainly did, although now we are deeply regretting the amount of cheese we’ve consumed in the last month. Never mind that, though, as there are more important things to discuss; like our exciting January updates! No time to waste, so let’s get started:

First off,(and this is the one I’m most excited about) WE SUBMITTED OUR BUILDING PLANS TO THE CITY! That’s right, folks, on the 5th of January, I marched into City Hall Plaza with my contractor, Chad, and we submitted our building permit application and all of our drawings and detailed plans. It was super exciting and a great milestone to get off our plate. Now we wait and see what questions or concerns the city has, talk it out with them as needed, and keep the train moving forward as best as we can. From what I hear, the typical turnaround, barring any major issues being found of course, is about three weeks. So we’ve got another estimated week and a half or so before they’ll be done. What happens from there? Well, my contractor says it’ll take about a week for his crew to get lined up, so the hope is that we’ll actually be breaking ground sometime at the end of January, worst case beginning of February. Isn’t that great??!! Also, Chad printed off these giant plans that I’m in love with and I thought you might get a good chuckle from them as well. Honestly, I’d frame them if I had enough wall in my house to spare.


And we have even more exciting news! This month we’re doing no-sew blanket making as our pop-up event craft, and in addition to the same breweries we had before, we’re also going to be teaming up with Bull City Ciderworks as a host location! Each event with dates and links are below. :)

We love these blankets and feel like they’re the perfect craft to do, especially since mother nature has decided to remind us that January is, in fact, a winter month, and updated the temperature to reflect such. *brrrr*

But really, look at how cute they are.


Pretty sure that’s all we have, unless you want to hear about our exhilarating time going to restaurant auctions and buying equipment that may or may not work. Hahaha! (But seriously, we bought a 550lb fridge and have yet to confirm for certain whether or not it’s in working order). lolz

Wish us luck!