Popping Up this Holiday Season

Nov 30, 2018

Holiday season is upon us, and really nothing says the holidays like hanging out with family or friends, and finding something fun to do indoors (*nudge, nudge*) while the chilly wind howls outside. Indeed, crafting and Christmas go together like chocolate and peanut butter- which is to say that they’re each awesome on their own, but they are A BEAUTIFUL FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH- when combined.

Based on my strong feelings about the importance of crafting during the holidays, I started putting out feelers to see if any breweries would be interested in letting me use their space while mine is going through the building equivalent of Extreme Makeover. I got a couple of responses and had the pleasure of meeting with Fullsteam, Funguys, and Durty Bull this past week. They were SO AMAZING to work with. Seriously, if you are looking for a brewery to host an event, you won’t find better people to collaborate with than the folks here. With that, I’m happy to announce that we now have our first two pop up events planned! They are…

**December 12- **Ornament Making at Durty Bull Brewing 7-10pm

**December 17- **Ornament Making at Fullsteam Brewery 7-10pm

**December 19- **Ornament Making at Funguys Brewing 7-10pm

Needless to say, I’m really excited about these events, but I would also be lying if I said that I’m not at least a little nervous…

What if no one shows up?

What if the ornaments I come up with are stupid and everyone hates them? Should I have chosen a different craft?

Or, even worse, what if people aren’t ok with walking themselves through the craft? The whole premise of Crafts and Drafts, where people walk themselves through the how-to at their leisure while I stand by on an as-needed basis, could fall flat on its face….

(deep breath)

But that’s the thing with taking risks, right? You’ll never know if you don’t try. So bring on the pop ups!