Welp, here we go....

Nov 14, 2018

Hello world! My name is Virginia George and I’m the owner of the yet-to-be-opened Crafts & Drafts NC in the beautiful city of Durham, North Carolina. This is my first blog post, ever, in my life, so bear with me while I figure out how to do this…


First of all, I want to thank you for coming to the website. As you can probably tell, it’s a work in progress, and we’ll be adding more information as things progress. Also, kudos to you for being the type of adventurous sort that reads blog posts. I’m that person that occasionally just goes to people’s blog posts for a weird recipe or a how-to guide, but I never go past the initial post that just gets me the information I need. I’m also that person that goes to those time share selling talks just so I can get the free breakfast-and I have no shame in doing this because timeshares are a scam and people that try to scam people into buying timeshares are bad people. So if a bad person tries to scam me but attempts to lure me in with endless eggs and bacon, I will oblige, but the joke will be on them in the end when they find that some bitch ate all of the eggs and didn’t even buy a timeshare. Muah hahahahaha!

…wait, what am I supposed to be talking about? Right, the bar…

When I’m not acting like a perpetually starving college student or hanging out with my new husband and our three fur children, I’m working on my sweet baby of a project, Crafts & Drafts NC.

Crafts & Drafts NC is something I’m super excited about, and I really hope that people enjoy it in real life as much as I’ve enjoyed fantasizing about it for the last several years of my life.

It’s going to be a bar (and possibly also a tiny bottle shop, but still figuring out if we can accommodate that with the space we have), and the idea is that it’ll be a spot where you can work on one of our pre-assembled craft kits while drinking a beverage (beer, wine, or non alcoholic). The craft kits and templates available will change periodically, with some specialty crafts being offered seasonally (pumpkin carving in October, ornament and card making in December, etc). There won’t be a need to pay to reserve your spot ahead of time- everything will be on a first come, first serve basis. You also won’t need to figure out what craft you want to do ahead of time. We’ll have a crafting ‘menu’ there where you’ll be able decide what craft kit and template you want, and if you don’t want to follow a template, you are by no means obligated to do so. I like creativity and coloring outside the lines- both literally and figuratively- so any chance I can give customers to do so, I absolutely will.

I have leased a location at 3117 Guess Rd and we’re working on getting started on the build out. I’ll write another post chronicling the process of getting things going thus far, since this intro post is getting a little lengthy.

Stay tuned on our Facebook page for notifications about blog posts, updates on the build-out process, and probably a few random pictures of my animals because they’re really cute. Thanks again for visiting the site!